Money4YOU Blossoms into The AVOCADO Foundation, Cultivating Financial Independence in Underserved Communities 

At Money4YOU, we’ve been champions for financial empowerment for the last decade. But we’re excited to announce a transformation! On June 19th, 2024, we become The AVOCADO Foundation. This reflects a deeper commitment to cultivating financial well-being for the individuals and communities we serve. 


Just like an avocado seed holds the potential for a mighty tree, The AVOCADO Foundation equips people with the tools and knowledge to achieve long-term financial security. This transformation allows us to offer a more comprehensive approach, nurturing financial independence and a brighter future. 


This strategic name change reflects a natural progression. We recognise the need to equip individuals with the knowledge, tools, and advocacy they need to navigate the financial landscape and achieve long-term stability. 


Our recent acquisition of The AVOCADO Foundation trademark in financial education strengthens this connection. Avocado, a fruit known for its potential to cultivate healthy growth, resonates with the communities we serve. It symbolises the potential for financial health and prosperity that The AVOCADO Foundation strives to cultivate. 


“The AVOCADO Foundation represents our deep-rooted commitment to empowering underserved communities to not just survive, but thrive financially,” states AmickyCarol Akiwumi MBE, CEO & Founder of The AVOCADO Foundation. “This transformation allows us to provide a more comprehensive approach, fostering financial independence and a brighter future.” 

Logistics of the Rebrand:  

The rebrand was a collaborative effort, led by our dedicated Money4YOU staff and supported by the generous pro bono contributions of graphic designer Upasna Prasad (@by.upasna), valued at £25,000 and started in early April. We’re grateful for Upasna’s talent and partnership in creating a fresh visual identity that embodies our mission and core values.  


Explanation for Name Change: 

We’re changing our name to The AVOCADO Foundation because we do more than just provide money. We equip individuals with the tools and knowledge for long-term financial success. The AVOCADO name resonates with the communities we serve, symbolising growth and potential. The acquisition of the AVOCADO trademark strengthens the connection between the name and the services we offer. 

Celebrating a Decade of Impact  

To commemorate ten years of remarkable contributions, The AVOCADO Foundation will host a Gala Dinner & Dance on June 28th. For further details, please visit: 

Join the Movement 

The AVOCADO Foundation invites you to be a partner in this transformative journey. Stay informed about our progress by visiting: LinkTree 

Donate and Make a Difference  

Your contributions will empower The AVOCADO Foundation to cultivate financial wellness in underserved communities in the coming decade. Donate here. Together, we can build a more financially secure future for all. 

Media Contact 

For media inquiries, please contact Nathan Oti at 

About The AVOCADO Foundation 

The AVOCADO Foundation was founded as Money4YOUth in 2014. Our mission is to eradicate the economic inequalities experienced by youth, entrepreneurs and non-profit organisations, from underrepresented communities. 


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