2023: A Year in Review

Welcome to the retrospective of 2023, a year marked by delivery, inspiration and success! We’ve spent the past 12 months closely focusing on delivering our strategic goals. Through big steps and small efforts alike we have been pushing towards achieving our objectives both in the UK and Africa.

Watch the video and read on for a review of all the progress that has been made this year!

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African entrepreneurs’ dreams becoming reality

With your support, we’ve expanded our reach to Africa. We’ve provided free Entrepreneurship Training to over 180 Entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Ghana. The training covered Business Development, Funding and Finance, Innovation and Creativity, Resilience and Wellbeing, and Transformational Leadership. Read the #WCET impact report here.

Igniting change for BAMER- led nonprofits

Our AVOCADO+ programmes nurtured dozens of BAMER-led nonprofits. Through this dynamic programme led by industry experts, we’ve deep dived into key areas for BAMER-led nonprofits. With one goal; equipping small BAMER-led nonprofits for sustainability and resilience. Read how the change happened here!

Growing bright futures with our youth programmes

This year, we’ve trained nearly 500 young people in the UK and Nigeria between the age of 6 and 18 with vital financial literacy skills. See what they said! We also produced over 300 episodes of the Bonsaibrief podcast! Our audience had the possibility to learn all about investing, getting rid of debt, and being money-savvy.  Listen to our one-minute episodes here.

Dragons Den 2023

Celebrating its 11th year, Dragons Den redistributed £90,000 in unrestricted funding to seven change-making organisations, thanks to the City Bridge Foundation’s generous support. Check out some behind the scenes.

#Operation Transparency: A step towards a more diverse charity sector

Drawing the eponymous campaign to a close, this was launched at the House of Lords in November. We are grateful to Lady Adele Sewell MBE and Lord Don Foster for enabling the vital discussions that were had on how we might achieve authentic diversity and transparency within the charity sector. We invite you to get your hands on our executive summary and full report here,

Improved digital resilience platform tailored for small BAMER-led  nonprofits

BAMER HUB 2.0 is now live; thriving with nearly 700 members and providing round-the-clock access to free resources, tools, and exclusive perks on our digital resilience platform and app. Plus, we’ve got 225 funding opportunities just for you! Access all of that for free here.

A closer look at navigating the cost of living crisis 

Our collaboration with the Good Trouble led to an essential report earlier in the year. This measured the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on BAMER-led non-profitand found that Over 96% of BAMER-led non-profits reported that the present cost-of-living crisis has affected their organisation’s ability to achieve its mission. Read report here.

Thanks for being part of our journey- 2024 marks our 10th anniversary, and we’re thrilled to say, the best is yet to come!

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