Money4YOU’s Financial Education for Young Entrepreneurs in Lagos

Bridging Economic Disparities

As part of Money4YOU’s efforts to address economic inequalities, we have been providing financial education and promoting entrepreneurship in various locations across West Africa. Recently, we conducted a series of financial literacy workshops in Lagos, Nigeria, as part of our World Changers Entrepreneurship Training (WCET) Programme.

School Students in Lagos

Enriching Communities through Comprehensive Financial Education

Our mission at Money4YOU is to address inequality by equipping young individuals with the tools to manage their personal finances effectively, thereby influencing their communities positively. Our training sessions, marked by engaging discussions, brainstorming, and role-playing, equip participants with skills to develop business ideas, identify opportunities, and handle finances proficiently, covering essential concepts of spending, saving, investing and donating.

”This workshop widened my knowledge on uses of money, setting up business and creativity in businessMary

 Customised Journey for Every Age Group

Our primary focus is on the highly aspirational Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic, and Refugee individuals, who we believe possess the capacity to contribute unique ideas and perspectives. Our most recent workshop in Lagos catered to two distinct age groups. We had the pleasure of working with aspiring entrepreneurs aged 19-62, as well as younger participants aged 10-16.

Students lagos 2023

Our Mission and Methodology

We firmly believe that financial education can stimulate economic growth, create new employment, and contribute to vibrant communities. We are proud to witness many young entrepreneurs flourish through the WCET Programme, overcoming challenges and unlocking their potential.

By addressing the unique needs of each age group, Money4YOU’s workshops sought to create a holistic learning experience. We firmly believe that empowering both seasoned entrepreneurs and younger students contributes to a more vibrant and resilient economic landscape in Lagos and beyond.

”More than I imagined – Money4YOU’s workshops taught me invaluable lessons.’Mark

A Word of Thanks to our Partners in Lagos

This programme would not be possible without the support of our local partners (Fountain Heights Secondary School Administration, Top Grade Secondary School Administration, Ogudu Residents Association ORGA, The Holy Family Catholics Church). Their contribution plays a vital role in the programme’s success, and we extend our sincere gratitude.

Looking Ahead

Through the WCET Programme, we have seen significant impacts on financial empowerment and economic growth in underprivileged communities. We eagerly look forward to the future of this programme, hoping to create more opportunities for young people across Africa to become successful entrepreneurs.

”I believe this will help me to be more disciplined in spending my money Also, it is an eye opener to think of different ways to have multiple streams of income.Rukayat

We invite you to join us in our mission and become a #WorldChanger. Your support can make a profound difference in the lives of many aspiring individuals. Consider making a donation today to contribute to the educational experiences of our young entrepreneurs. Donate here.

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