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Are you a Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic or Refugee (BAMER) led nonprofit looking to grow your impact but don’t know where to start?


We know the challenges your BAMER nonprofit
is up against

A resilient nonprofit organisation is one ready to respond to contingencies when they strike, but the recent disruption of COVID-19 highlighted the disproportionate hit on underrepresented Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER) communities, charities and social enterprises.

Across the UK, these groups have a deeper understanding of their own communities and are best placed to reach out and help the most vulnerable and excluded. But this comes with a challenge; trying to operate and make a difference with limited resources, meaning that it can take years to gain momentum and build capacity.

AVOCADO+ guides fellow nonprofits on how to become more resilient, and create opportunities and new ways of working to deliver sustainable funding and impact.

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Resilience doesn’t just come from training, it comes from connecting and working together. That’s why we launched our very own BAMER HUB – our online platform that enables you to network, collaborate and access FREE resources, with on-hand support along the way.
Are you a Black, Asian, Multi-Ethnic or Refugee (BAMER) led nonprofit looking to grow your impact but don’t know where to start?


Join BAMER HUB, your FREE online platform full of actionable insight to help strengthen and grow your BAMER-led charity, community group or social enterprise.

We know the challenges you face trying to support underrepresented communities in the UK and BAMER HUB empowers you to find ways to improve operational efficiencies and funding sustainability for your nonprofit organisation.

How? With a dedicated hub of free online tools, community support and training programmes that are underpinned by the Charities Aid Foundation’s six characteristics of a resilient charity.

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A self-improving training programme for UK registered BAMER charities and social enterprises designed to improve:

  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Fundraising Capabilities

AVOCADO+ was founded in 2016, following our successful Avocado pilot launch.

A tailored training programme, underpinned by the Charities Aid Foundation’s six characteristics of a resilient charity, it gives your organisation a framework to determine goals that we work through together and map out pre-defined, concrete actions that will help you achieve them.

The outcome? Operational efficiencies and funding success that leads to the growth and impact of your BAMER-led charity or social enterprise.

Our experience over the last few years, along with overwhelming supporting evidence, demonstrates that BAMER-led enterprises benefit significantly from intense capacity building support.

That’s why we want to deliver bespoke training and support in governance, finance and leadership; key elements needed to boost your fundraising activities.

Our programme equips you with the tools and confidence you need to survive and thrive, tapping into and maximising your potential.

Our complete programme gives you a fresh approach to training, governance, finance, coaching and income diversification. And our consultants break down the complex and place it in scenarios you can relate to.

We learn together and talk through new ideas and ways of thinking so that by the end of the programme, your fired up confidence in fundraising and operating effectively will see you raring to go, knowing the positive impact it will have on your beneficiaries.


“The funny thing about training programmes is that you don’t realise how useful they are until you’ve completed one!”

We have two versions of AVOCADO+ available. Scroll down to see what best suits your organisation’s needs. 

If you have any questions, email: training@money4you.org or simply click below to apply!

The AVOCADO+ UK Accelerator programme is a collaboration between Money4YOU, City Bridge Trust and Propel.

AVOCADO+ Accelerator


  • For two or more members of your organisation.
  • One-year fully funded course worth £3500.
  • Two days per month.
  • Diagnostic review of your organisation.
  • Bespoke development plan
  • Training, coaching and mentoring on;
    • Nonprofit essentials
    • Financial Literacy
    • Income Generation
  • Dedicated consultant for practical advice on bid writing and fundraising.
  • Fast-track access to grant opportunities and our annual Dragons’ den event.
  • Networking opportunities with key grant makers.
  • Lifetime membership of the AVOCADO Alumni Community.
  • For one member of your organisation
  • Ten-week fully funded course worth £1000
  • Two hours per week online via zoom
  • Diagnostic review of your organisation
  • Induction session
  • Group coaching on
    • Nonprofit Essentials
    • Financial Literacy
    • Income generation
  • Fast-track access to grant opportunities and our annual Dragons’ Den event
  • Networking opportunities with key grant makers
  • Lifetime membership of the AVOCADO Alumni community

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